I considered honouring Meadow‘s request by posting the following to desked, but thought better of it.

shelfedl-r: thin wok recipie book(?!); rollie filters (left behind by a guest); candles; nag champa incense; boxes of matches; multi-purpose squirty oil; cheap incense (tried once); butane refill which only ever serves to freeze the hand off oneself – never to refill lighters sufficiently; butane refill nozzle (brrr!); tacky cheap clock.
not pictured: cigarette papers; a few boxes of the other types of incense that come with nag; book of matches; box of fun snaps.

Seems to me to be one of those things you could get quite analytical and in-depth over or just shrug off. But now you have it.


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5 Responses to “Shelfed”

  1. Meadow Says:

    A box of fun snaps? I like.

    I think that’s a happy shelf.

    • pryin Says:

      It’s really all sorts though innit?
      From happy snappy through yellow mellow to tac(ktas-)tical practical.

      I’m wondering though… keeping a can of gas, matches and fun snaps in the same vicinity isn’t necessarily clever, is it?

      Out of reach of small people though.

  2. Red Leeroy Says:

    ahh man, please send it on to desked.

  3. pryin Says:

    If desked heads such as yourself deem it worthy, you may poach away from here.
    Here’s the biggified version:

    Blurry, but you can see the book of matches and the blueness of the incense.
    (3 for a fiver in Nirvana of Capel St.)

  4. Smoking Culture #1: Disposables, with tips* « Life On Mars? Says:

    […] – particularly bic. Adjust them to singe eyebrows. In some cases freeze your hand trying to refill them from a can of butane. *Usually there’s a bit of flint left when the gas is gone, and if […]

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