Pass it on!

I’m a bit miffed. Obliged and miffed.

Red Leeroy has hit me with a ‘pass it on‘. All in the name of gettin-to-know-you ‘fun’ but fucked if I can be bothered for this kind of thing. (No offence Red, or Radge).

There is the obligation to pass it on (this is where I have the biggest problem), but at least I don’t go straight to hell, having spent the last years of my sorry life covered in sores and the guilt of dead orphans just because I won’t.
When I get a hint of chain-letter about something I immediately close the mail. Horrible feeling to be under some superstitious obligation to put others under the same.

Rant over, I’ll do what it asks of me but sorry, the chain stops here. Send the lightning, hail, locusts and frogs and save it for facebook.



1. Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog.

2. Write the rules.

3. Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you.

4. Tag six persons adding their links directly.

5. Alert the persons that you tagged them.

Six things:

1. I keep my spare cigarette papers on the same shelf as Nag Champra.

2. Thusly they smell of incense.

3. As a result my friend Sí wouldn’t smoke one and I oddly feel insulted by things like that.

4. Hands had a go, and although he seemed to have little problem with it, spied my licorice papers, which, depending on mood, what I’m drinking, what I have just eaten and other factors, I often use and enjoy, and he requested a roll up with one of those instead. I am often oddly proud when my use of licorice papers is complimented. [Initially that was no things about me – after an edit it’s two…]

5. I didn’t think the ‘nag rollie’ was all that bad.

6. I’m a bit into having various flavoured papers.

(7. I have no objection if people want to take this meme up from here of their own accord.)


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16 Responses to “Pass it on!”

  1. Red Leeroy Says:

    You utter bastard !!

  2. pryin Says:

    Pith and vinegar baby, pith and vinegar.

  3. It’s all me me meme… « The Narocroc Weblog Says:

    […] of no real importance about you. Check 4) Tag 6 persons adding their links directly. I’m with Pryin on this. Not just because I also am not a fan of chain mail type things but mostly because every […]

  4. NextSeatOver Says:

    lazy lazy lazy….

  5. pryin Says:

    What’s ‘lazy’ about it?
    I bothered with the bit I had little objection over didn’t I?
    The rest is an infection. A virus spread by seeming good nature but a virus nonetheless.

    See Narococ’s post for the other valid reason.

  6. Meadow Says:

    Leave the frogs out of this! No-one ever thinks of the frogs…

    What else is on that special shelf?

  7. Radge Says:

    Fuck. This is how I should have done it.

  8. pryin Says:

    But had you done it that way Radge, it never would have got to me and you’d have all missed out on a most irrelevant little story about the flavour of cigarette papers and people’s preference thereof.

    I got Butterscotch ones today on Moore St.

    They’re only alright.

  9. Andrew Says:

    Best one I’ve read so far. And sorry for being indirectly responsible for you receiving this. You don’t need to worry about the chain letter aspect of it, most bloggers aren’t eleven years old and tend not to give much of a fuck whether people actually respond to these things or not.

  10. Shelfed « Life On Mars? Says:

    […] By pryin I considered honouring Meadow’s request by posting the following to desked, but thought better of it. l-r: thin wok recipie book(?!); […]

  11. B' Says:

    I don’t know why people smoke, it annoys me now so much that I attack people to find out the reason.

  12. pryin Says:

    The smoking thing is very simple.
    People start because (they think) it’s cool.
    They persist for the same reason.
    Then they are hooked to the most addictive (but pointless) drug on the planet.

    Kinda cool, huh?

  13. gordy Says:

    As a manic smoking atheist, my reasons for smoking are that I’m suicidal, but as i don’t believe in an afterlife, I’ve decided i’d quite like to stick around for a bit to see how everyone gets on, cos I’m not gonna see them again, which’d be a shame.

    Giving me a smoke is assisted suicide.
    Slow, rich, Virginia blend suicide.
    blows smoke ring in your face

  14. pryin Says:

    …or that.

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