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Yeah, yeah… as promised. Friday Appropriate.

September 4, 2009

Been on hiatus. Promised someone I’d post a Friday appropriate today with a view to getting the ball rolling again… maybe… Monday… maybe.

Just haven’t been in the right ‘headspace’ for this – happens everyone with most things, yeah?

So there’s a festival on in Ireland this weekend. Hope it’s fun for everyone.

Not that they’re on the line up but a while ago in work I had to ‘do’ a video of Matt and Kim playing McCarren Park Pool in New York.
Impressive party music and well worth checking the whole concert.


First here’s  a vidjo by them up for one of those award things. Well worth watching. Very well worth watching.

Second, I advise you find and watch the full concert, but here’s the finale, Yea Yeah, from it (because it’s kind of out of context to just watch this, but anyway)

Maybe see you Monday. Maybe.

Have a festive fun weekend fer yourself whatever you get up to.


Cool as FuNk

March 26, 2009

T’s ‘gicky’ bike. (The type of man-bike with a questionable cross-bar angle).
Brown leather jacket. (Over-worn, missing all but one button, quirky zip thing).
Pair of gloves. (Regular dark grey wool).
Pair of wrap around shades. (Ladies’, borrowed from a female friend).
Me. (Enough said).

It’s the gloves and glasses which set off the ensemble, and for some reason, in the cold air and beaming sunshine, I feel super-fucking-cool pedaling away about the city (bike constantly a-click-clack and its shiny blue bell dinging sporadically).

Time for a make-over.

On one level at least, a pure hunnerd percent d0rk who thinks he’s ‘da bomb’ is actually cool…

…in a way…


Anger is a Gift

November 11, 2008

As part of my spruce up efforts, I decided to purchase one cylindrical and two spherical lampshades. They were light but large and ticked me off no end while tip-toeing and sliding like a ballerina through the usual barage of idiot Saturday shoppers all about town in search of some new footwear (which I eventually found in the last of 20 odd shops I had left to visit).

I also bought one of those build-it-yourself w/free allen key bedside lockers. Large and heavy. I figured it would be tricky, but my place was a five minute walk and I could do it.

I hadn’t factored in the rain. Sure, when I saw it I grimaced, shrugged and hooded up, but I hadn’t really factored in the rain.

Got pissed on carrying the locker. The cardboard promptly melted away as I trudged down the street. Fun.

I only barely made it to the apartment block entrance, just managing to keep the bits together (with much thanks to Random Chinese Girl who noticed and picked up one of the plastic dealies) and literally dump them in frustration and exhaustion by the gate, soaked cardboard whisked off by the wind.

The paper bags of lampshades were also falling apart (thankfully I didn’t have to chase lampshade balls around in the rain). Back out to haul the bits, the panels, the remaining cardboard in. I failed to get the lights switched on – by manner of headbutt.

Inside I threw down the stack and let out the loudest most primal scream I’ve ever bellowed.

I then sighed, smiled inside and sat down for a relaxing smoke. Felt relieved in the end.
The locker was constructed without a hitch later on – bar one shelf bottom being upside down and two spare divets.