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…loves the footie so he does. (Friday appropriate).

April 30, 2009

Ah PRyin, you soccer never-minding blog-cop-outting lush.

Today is my Friday. I have tomorrow off because my buddy is over and staying in mine.

Except he arrived in last night.
Early. He likes whiskey.

NextSeatOver kindly called me at ten past nine. “Am I late?” I (still drunkenly) mumbled into the receiver. I took another hour to kick my buddy out and do the ‘esses‘. 


[11:43:31] PRyin says: mmmm… dreamland… mmm… Joni

[11:43:46] Herald AM says: this was a one off cos of the ‘Champions’ being on last night

[11:43:53] PRyin says: True.

[11:44:04] Red Leeroy says: take the word league out there Herald AM, it upsets PRyin

[11:44:19] PRyin says: Was in Stags Head, and fucking thrilled to hear the barman tell a couple of lads “Nah, sorry, football free zone”

[11:44:38] Nest Seat Over says: heh!

[11:44:39] Red Leeroy says: you loove the footie

[11:45:40] PRyin says: It was well pleasant. No screens. Couple of pints. Out for a smoke and hearing the yells from across the way. Vaguely wondering what the score was.

[11:46:01] PRyin says: (That’s my cop-out blog post for the day).

[11:46:34] Herald AM says: i think they were repeating the game on RTE at 6a.m. – presumably you waited up to watch that

[11:46:44] Herald AM says: hence being a little tired this morning

[11:46:56] PRyin says: The boxing. I thought the boxing was on last night.

[11:47:05] Herald AM says: no thats Saturday

[11:47:11] Herald AM says: Today is Thursday

[11:47:19] Herald AM says: i.e. a school day

[11:47:44] PRyin says: That must be where I went wrong.

[11:47:48] PRyin says: Whikey’ll do that.
In Stags, my buddy Wrong descended the stairs and entered the lounge. He approached PRyin, waiting on the pints to be topped at the bar.
“Get whiskey”, he commands.
“I just might”, I reply, pointing to the two glasses already on the table.

 I tried to be good… Promise!