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“blocked writer cannot diagnose himself”

July 14, 2009

It’s happened. Just like I promised myself it wouldn’t.

Maybe it’s the few days’ absence, making the heart grow beyonder. Completely unrealistic. Fantastic.

But she’s a concept now. An idea. A (potential) sensation. Not the physical person I’d been getting to know and keeping on a level with.
Maybe it was the argument. Too.

The mental, emotional and physical distances with time and absence which has shifted, displaced the pragmatic reality of the relationship into the (un)Real.

Heavy shit for a change

We’d done well to avoid it, but it’s happened now for me. Maybe it can switch back.
We’d done well up to now to keep it sane, avoid the fantastic. Maybe we can do it again.

Maybe it’s just human nature.

[Life on Mars, in jars; on pills, in bars. Driving cars.
Freaking on SARS… swine flu.
Spills. Scars.
And so on…]

Does every ‘successful’ intimate human relationship need a phase of fantasy and need to descend into the mundane and resentful?

I really thought for a moment ours didn’t.

That’s fantastic itself I guess.