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All is Full of Lovedancin (inspite of Chris*bleurgh*Martin*wretch*) – Friday appropriate

July 10, 2009

Being paid to watch video for the Internet (yes, that’s what I do for a living… for the moment) is a sweet deal.

But some days I really earn my pay. Coldpl*wretch*lay.


Need to cleanse the pallette.

Thanks to The Little Lady for clueing me into Arthur Russell.
I’d known and owned some of his disco productions (check Loose Joints), but I wasn’t aware of his truly sublime [I use that word rarely] solo work. Yeah, you probably need to be open to his buzz, but what an ideal pallette cleanser.

(I couldn’t find ‘Lucky Cloud’ from World of Echo on the youtubes, but wow, looky lucky, I found a bona fide Arthur Russell video from the same album!)

Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun

That sets me up for a fairly mellow weekend. It’s my Great Aunt’s 90th tomorrow afternoon in Rathangan. w00p w00p! Glo-sticks and whistles at the ready.

Hope you enjoy yours kids. And if you’re having a bit more of a blast than I, here’s one of those ‘Loose Joints’ I mentioned to get you into the groove. ; ]