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What day is it?

April 29, 2009

Time, what an oddball concept.

The idea of seven (why seven?) days a week. A five day working week, two days off.

Continually wondering where the weeks and months go [it’s almost a mere half year until next decade… wha‘? How did that happen?] but praying Tuesday afternoon would just hurry up ta fuck!

It’s a quarter past.

And wishing Monday was Sunday, feeling like Tuesday is limbo, thinking Wednesday is Tuesday or Thursday, but hardly ever Wednesday – except a brief window at lunchtime, upon the realisation that it is exactly mid-working-week. And Thursday could feel like a Thursday. Sometimes a Friday. Tuesday? [Stop naming days of the week in there!]

Knowing on Friday afternoon that it’s already Monday morning. You’re already lying in bed whacking an alarm clock on Friday evening clock-out time… you’re already there groaning and bemoaning about how it’s not Friday evening.

Is it Friday? Is it Friday yet?