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April 23, 2009

Here’s linkage which dings a few dongs around these parts.

Courtesy Hello e-cards


The Facebook Rule

March 24, 2009

The facebook rule is a double-edged sword, exquisite in its simplicity.
It’s ever so simple and solves (or resolves) two issues in one.

fbookFacebook sluts need not apply.

I did try to stay under the hundred quota and recently failed, but regardless, there are now at least a hundred people in the world who I know by name and would say hello to on the street.

For that is the single criterium.
Friend request comes in from Jimmy. One straight up question: Would I say hello to Jimmy on the street/would I be happy enough to pass by unseen or would I run and hide in a granny’s wheelie bag rather than be seen?

For those aquaintances who are in the grey area it resolves the issue entirely. Accept them and now you are obliged, minus awkwardness (and thankfully sidestepping the whole “so what’ve you been up to?” bullshit chit-chat thanks to status updates, facebook photo albums and general cyber-stalking) to greet them in public.