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July 6, 2009

Naptime, and it’s not an unusual occurence at this stage – two or three girls ranging from 4 to ten years of age outside my bedroom window.

They begin at the same pitch – low enough for their young girly voices, and as they run out of breath, increase pitch and volume. They repeat this with chatting in between.

As wreck the head as it is to have so many children in the apartment block these days, with nowhere else to play but the echoey amplifying courtyard, every once in a while there’s a gem that makes it absolutely okay.

girls ruleSorry to say – out of frame is the line: “and I meen it”

That’ll Put Hairs on Your Chest

February 20, 2009

Okay, I could research this properly, but where’s the fun in that?

Mammies lie. We all know this.
They have a weird sixth sense (it’s called noticing when the children are that little bit too quiet), but they do not have eyes in the backs of their heads.
The Man in the Shop is more likely to give them grief than the children.
Your face will not ‘stay like that’ if the wind changes.
And it will not fall off, no matter how much you touch it.

There’s one lie many of us still believe though.

Crusts are no more nutritious than the rest of the bread.
How can they be? It’s the same dough with the same crap in it. It’s just hardened and browned from being closest to the heat in the baking process.
Maybe there is some chemical reaction which alters the nutritional value, but let’s assume there isn’t without bothering to refer to any learned scholars or qualified scientists or anything like that and proceed.

The only exception is if there are seeds on top, but what kid eats that kind of thing? Yuck!

The fact is, if you eat the crusts, then Mammy doesn’t have to bother with scraping them off into the bin. One less chore.

Now, shut your mouth and eat your crusts.

“But Mum, how can I eat if my mouth is”