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“blocked writer cannot diagnose himself”

July 14, 2009

It’s happened. Just like I promised myself it wouldn’t.

Maybe it’s the few days’ absence, making the heart grow beyonder. Completely unrealistic. Fantastic.

But she’s a concept now. An idea. A (potential) sensation. Not the physical person I’d been getting to know and keeping on a level with.
Maybe it was the argument. Too.

The mental, emotional and physical distances with time and absence which has shifted, displaced the pragmatic reality of the relationship into the (un)Real.

Heavy shit for a change

We’d done well to avoid it, but it’s happened now for me. Maybe it can switch back.
We’d done well up to now to keep it sane, avoid the fantastic. Maybe we can do it again.

Maybe it’s just human nature.

[Life on Mars, in jars; on pills, in bars. Driving cars.
Freaking on SARS… swine flu.
Spills. Scars.
And so on…]

Does every ‘successful’ intimate human relationship need a phase of fantasy and need to descend into the mundane and resentful?

I really thought for a moment ours didn’t.

That’s fantastic itself I guess.



March 3, 2009

I like to think the main motivation for people negotiating traffic is the avoidance of death and injury – either one’s own or inflicting it on others.

That’s not really the case though is it?
Firstly, I don’t drive. I am a pedestrian and a cyclist. Hence, I need to look out for my own safety a lot. And sometimes, keep a sharp eye out for morons strolling mindlessly into the cycle path.

What I notice is that the majority of drivers of cars are usually more concerned with 1) getting where they’re going quickly 2) getting where they’re going comfortably 3) their paint job/insurance.

Last two on the list – in this order are 4) their well being 5) the well being of others.

As a cyclist or pedestrian, one’s main concern is not getting mowed down by a motorised vehicle. After that it’s trying to get where you’re going with as little disruption to the rest of the world as possible. When (an intelligent) cyclist or pedestrian feels safe enough in themselves and generally inobtrusive to other traffic, he will break a red light or ‘rule of the road’.
I know drivers can be somewhat envious of this and it can increase their rage fifty-fold, but if it’s safe and no-one’s being inconvenienced, then sorry and all, but ‘bye..!

Drivers often feel the need to bang on about cyclists and the like needlessly breaking rules. And I agree – selfish pedestrianism (I’m somewhat guilty of this myself) where the attitude is “they can see me, they’re not going to knock me down as I stroll casually right in their way” and similar cycling styles are worthy of criticism. But where the hypocrasy kicks especially in is with those little orange flashy lights.

indic[You’d never guess I ‘faked’ this using a picture editor, would you?]

Why do drivers seem to think indicators are only necessary when other cars are about? If I’m crossing a road and there’s a 50/50 chance you’re going to turn on to it, I need to know! If I’m cycling straight and there’s any chance you’re going to stupidly turn left into me, I need to know! Likewise if you’re pulling out from a parking spot.
It’s a small lever, it takes bugger all effort, and you use it automatically when other traffic is about. It probably takes more effort to assess that “no other cars are around; that there are cyclists and pedestrians but they don’t matter, so let’s specifically not indicate. Woops. Break your leg did I? Oh and his back wheel. Ahh. Well, at least it wasn’t someone’s expensive car. Phew! …and mine isn’t even scratched! In future look where you’re going! You really are trying my patience. Now, out of this awful rain with me and back to the soothing comfort of talk radio.”