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Technical Job Interview

April 21, 2009

Gordy asked whether any of us knew anything about Apple OSX networking. Some shrugged, some scoffed, no one could help.
He reckons he needs to know a bit for an up-coming job interview.
I shared my sagely advice from the interviews with technical aspects which I’ve done in the past.

Generally, the people interviewing have bugger all clue about what they’re asking – the tech people are deemed too lowly to actually sit at the hallowed interview panel desk.

The air of false confidence and smell of bovine faeces is overpowering.

So.. bone up all about it and then be asked a bunch of questions you never foresaw.
Blindly stumble your way through answers and pray the bullshit saves you.
Six months later find out they hired you based on the exact bullshit you spewed, claiming they figured you knew a heck load more about it than they did.
Consider this and realise that, even regardless of the hours of (now) irrelevant study you did pre-interview, you did indeed know a fuck load more than they did even then.


National Attitude

March 25, 2009

We are a nation of brooding pessimists, research finds

Ah, sure what the hell else would you expect, country going to shit as it is and all?


On Bullshit

February 6, 2009

Some people have an innate personality trait which enables them to be believed regardless of the shite they spout.

You know the types – they tend to be just louder and more confident than the next most confident person in the room and they speak in such authoritarian tones that others practically scrabble about looking for notebooks and pencils.

They are often lecturers and have 20 year old females hanging on their every bullshit oozing utterance.

Had one in college – it took us a good couple of months to realise “hey, I think this guy might be full of it”.

Yer one on the telly who spreads people’s weekly ingestions on a table and examines their waste is another.

There was a guy I used to work with who would recommend numerous mediocre musical acts, but spoke in such a tone that the less discerning (meaning everyone but me) would continually praise his taste in music.

I’m a gullable person at the best of times – I always fall for the incredibly over-the-top story trick, and as people titter at how dupable I am I usually shrug it off wondering why anyone would bother. I’m a very genuine person, so when I hear something apparently genuine I’ll believe it. But I’m not naïve. When I spot an over-confident fucker spouting crud  a little too loud, I’ll turn on the BS filter, or better still go engage the quiet observant type in the corner on a far more interesting topic.