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Hendrix Virgin

April 1, 2010

It was 1968 and Jimi had finished his ‘Electric Ladyland’ album. He’d worked damn hard on the writing, put in the hours recording with all manner of musicians – Jack Cassidy, Steve Winwood. Even  Brian Jones was drafted in. He spent long hours in the studio mixing, remixing; adding effects, getting it just right.

And when he completed the masterpiece – the musical painting to rival all paintings; the cunts at the record label wanted to release singles off of it.

Jimi almost exploded. It was a work of fucking art. In totality. You can’t take ONE SONG out! It flows (man). It’s supposed to be played start to finish. In totality, man.

20 years later.

I was twelve. Totally immersed in u2, The Beatles and Dylan. I’d been playing guitar just under a year and was just settling down with my sister and father to watch “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” in the cinema.

Plucking a snatch of popcorn to my face, my hand stopped, inches from my face.

The sound belted at me from all over.

It was loud. (Just the right loud).

It hit me like nothing else.

It was what is was but it was something else!

I got a pair of wrangler the next week.

Fuck knows where they are.

But the free Jimi Hendrix cassette single is here; and every other Hendrix I got since.

And he still blows my freakin’ mind, (man).