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Yeah, yeah… as promised. Friday Appropriate.

September 4, 2009

Been on hiatus. Promised someone I’d post a Friday appropriate today with a view to getting the ball rolling again… maybe… Monday… maybe.

Just haven’t been in the right ‘headspace’ for this – happens everyone with most things, yeah?

So there’s a festival on in Ireland this weekend. Hope it’s fun for everyone.

Not that they’re on the line up but a while ago in work I had to ‘do’ a video of Matt and Kim playing McCarren Park Pool in New York.
Impressive party music and well worth checking the whole concert.


First here’s  a vidjo by them up for one of those award things. Well worth watching. Very well worth watching.

Second, I advise you find and watch the full concert, but here’s the finale, Yea Yeah, from it (because it’s kind of out of context to just watch this, but anyway)

Maybe see you Monday. Maybe.

Have a festive fun weekend fer yourself whatever you get up to.