Naptime, and it’s not an unusual occurence at this stage – two or three girls ranging from 4 to ten years of age outside my bedroom window.

They begin at the same pitch – low enough for their young girly voices, and as they run out of breath, increase pitch and volume. They repeat this with chatting in between.

As wreck the head as it is to have so many children in the apartment block these days, with nowhere else to play but the echoey amplifying courtyard, every once in a while there’s a gem that makes it absolutely okay.

girls ruleSorry to say – out of frame is the line: “and I meen it”

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4 Responses to “Kids”

  1. Meadow Says:

    Boys are ‘what’?

    I like all the ‘ha ha ha ha ha ha’s.

  2. B Says:


    I spent a whole lecture once writing out “ha ha ha ha…” trying to get someone’s attention…. think I scanned it.

  3. pryin Says:

    Yes, ‘boring’.

    ha ha ha ha h ah ah ahaha ha aha ha.

  4. Meadow Says:

    Poor boys. AND you’re all made of puppy dogs tails and snails. Na na na na na naaaaaaa.

    (Although I like puppy dogs and snails.)

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