Friday Appropriate

At least 50% of my mornings I find myself roaming about the gaff with some random song inexplicably stuck in my brain.
NextSeatOver reckons the fairies whisper the song into your ear while you sleep.

They got it right for a Friday…

…but somehow I can’t quite picture fairies rocking out on my pillow with this:


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3 Responses to “Friday Appropriate”

  1. Red Leeroy Says:

    I woke up with Fog on the Tyne in my head this morning, the Paul Gazza Gascoigne version. Also, why is it an “appropriate” post, why?

  2. pryin Says:

    It’s appropriate to Friday. Rawk choon, 80% of the week done, yellow smiley indicating the Friday-ness of it.

    Just as my post lamenting the horrors of all-night D.T.’s will be ‘appropriately’ squeezed out after many the caffeine injection at 4:33PM on Monday.

  3. brothersaturn Says:

    i have never fallen asleep so i cant wake to music…!!!!
    ah no i think this morning it was just some kind of sickening resonance of how much i owe llyods tsb…

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