Lazy on Lazy (Sound #3)

In many ways I am a lazy, lazy man (as quite a few of my posts here will testify – including this one.)

But even in my laziness I am quite the anal, frenzied contradiction. (It’s the details that get me [even this post has been frenetically re-re-re-edited]).

Last night, having had a good ole practice of my acoustic ‘piss and moan’ folk songages, refusing myself the easy, boozy out of a visit to the local bar and denying the safe stupor of the television, I decided on a mellow vinyl mix.

Having dropped the needle on the first track, I found myself frantically sliding across the floor on my wheelie chair for a furiously desperate rummage and rifle through boxes of records to find ‘just the right’ follow-upper.

Mix done, usually I scrawl the tracklist on whatever suitably sized scrap of paper I can find – in permanent marker.
This time I wanted black, and sans-black magic marker (fuckin’ felt pen! – a black magic marker!), I used biro and spent decent time and effort in thickening the lines of the letters.

Finally I was quite careful to attempt a reference of Brian Eno’s Before and after Science in the photo capture of the list (for reasons I won’t go into here lest you think me (more) stark raving bonkers).

The result being a cop-out post, but, a new groovy mix for your Thursday listening pleasure.



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3 Responses to “Lazy on Lazy (Sound #3)”

  1. brothersaturn Says:

    that eno has a sneaking tendency to show up everywhere…like rick rubin……

  2. NextSeatOver Says:

    Lovely stuff.. thursday afternoon sorted so I don’t have to listen to the mad ranting of the mentalist on the other side of the desk divider!

  3. pryin Says:

    [Insert mad rant].

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