Rabbit in the Front Bicycle Light

[Inspired by Tewnty‘s recent cycling post].

I’ve done it myself, but it’s quite amazing how pedestrians caught unaware by a bicycle zooming right at them stop dead and stare rabbit-like into the eyes of the cyclist.

When it’s a car they run for it or jump back.
I suppose it’s the fear that they will step into the path of the on coming bike again and then back again, while they are fully aware of the space the car will take up on the road regardless.

Frustrating though.


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4 Responses to “Rabbit in the Front Bicycle Light”

  1. Red Leeroy Says:

    my mate ran over a teen a few weeks back, went over the handlebars and hit his head. What did he do then? he started to attack the kid, few digs. Brilliant response I thought.

  2. pryin Says:

    I shouldn’t laugh.
    I really shouldn’t.

  3. Holemaster Says:

    If the teen did a shruggy huffy crossing of the road then a well deserved response.

  4. brothersaturn Says:

    haha classic…..a mate of mine actually punched someone for no reason. a few months ago..just WHACK

    i love

    RANDOM ACTS OF SENSELESS VIOLENCE (of the unease sort)

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