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…loves the footie so he does. (Friday appropriate).

April 30, 2009

Ah PRyin, you soccer never-minding blog-cop-outting lush.

Today is my Friday. I have tomorrow off because my buddy is over and staying in mine.

Except he arrived in last night.
Early. He likes whiskey.

NextSeatOver kindly called me at ten past nine. “Am I late?” I (still drunkenly) mumbled into the receiver. I took another hour to kick my buddy out and do the ‘esses‘. 


[11:43:31] PRyin says: mmmm… dreamland… mmm… Joni

[11:43:46] Herald AM says: this was a one off cos of the ‘Champions’ being on last night

[11:43:53] PRyin says: True.

[11:44:04] Red Leeroy says: take the word league out there Herald AM, it upsets PRyin

[11:44:19] PRyin says: Was in Stags Head, and fucking thrilled to hear the barman tell a couple of lads “Nah, sorry, football free zone”

[11:44:38] Nest Seat Over says: heh!

[11:44:39] Red Leeroy says: you loove the footie

[11:45:40] PRyin says: It was well pleasant. No screens. Couple of pints. Out for a smoke and hearing the yells from across the way. Vaguely wondering what the score was.

[11:46:01] PRyin says: (That’s my cop-out blog post for the day).

[11:46:34] Herald AM says: i think they were repeating the game on RTE at 6a.m. – presumably you waited up to watch that

[11:46:44] Herald AM says: hence being a little tired this morning

[11:46:56] PRyin says: The boxing. I thought the boxing was on last night.

[11:47:05] Herald AM says: no thats Saturday

[11:47:11] Herald AM says: Today is Thursday

[11:47:19] Herald AM says: i.e. a school day

[11:47:44] PRyin says: That must be where I went wrong.

[11:47:48] PRyin says: Whikey’ll do that.
In Stags, my buddy Wrong descended the stairs and entered the lounge. He approached PRyin, waiting on the pints to be topped at the bar.
“Get whiskey”, he commands.
“I just might”, I reply, pointing to the two glasses already on the table.

 I tried to be good… Promise!

What day is it?

April 29, 2009

Time, what an oddball concept.

The idea of seven (why seven?) days a week. A five day working week, two days off.

Continually wondering where the weeks and months go [it’s almost a mere half year until next decade… wha‘? How did that happen?] but praying Tuesday afternoon would just hurry up ta fuck!

It’s a quarter past.

And wishing Monday was Sunday, feeling like Tuesday is limbo, thinking Wednesday is Tuesday or Thursday, but hardly ever Wednesday – except a brief window at lunchtime, upon the realisation that it is exactly mid-working-week. And Thursday could feel like a Thursday. Sometimes a Friday. Tuesday? [Stop naming days of the week in there!]

Knowing on Friday afternoon that it’s already Monday morning. You’re already lying in bed whacking an alarm clock on Friday evening clock-out time… you’re already there groaning and bemoaning about how it’s not Friday evening.

Is it Friday? Is it Friday yet?

Phases on the Job

April 28, 2009

First 2 weeks at a new job is boundless genuine enthusiasm and (some faked) interest. It’s all new. It’s all learning. Fresh, different, almost exciting.

Thrilled, yes, great to work here!

Remembering names and tasks figuring out who is actually important? Who is trustowrthy? Who is an asshole?
Realising the odd fuck up is allowed, but endeavouring to be the best new person ever, keeping on one’s toes and staying as conscientious as humanly possible.
They always get the burned out guy to show the ropes. He sighs at any enthusiasm, tries to push the short cuts and work arounds because “it doesn’t make a fucking difference anyway”.

2 weeks – 2 months: All is still spangly new. Still somewhat interesting. Still somewhat enjoyable. Even the more tedious of tasks can be made challenging. The aim is to please. Time to get settled, get to know people – find your place, find your feet.
Trying to avoid the burned out guy. Doesn’t he realise a decent day’s work is more fulfilling and more enjoyed than toiling through the cynical pessism?

2 – 6 months: Improvement and competence. Really getting the hang of it. Interest in ‘process’ and actively improving it. Interested in making a mark and an impression. Feeling chuffed from compliments from the boss. Really getting to know and like co-workers on (cautious) nights out.
The burned out guy has retreated to his dark hole in the corner and has given up trying to convince you it’s all a pointless nightmare where all you can do to survive is cut corners and avoid the work and that asshole of a boss.

6 months – 1 year: Involved and masterful. Settled. Having a laugh with work buddies. It’s comfortable. Not overly disuaded by interest in process and improvement not working out, but quite miffed at putting effort in with jobs which turn out to have been unnecessary.
Trying to rise to more important, interesting, responsible jobs. Really considering prospects… unlike ‘that burned out guy’, because, down to his attitude he’s clearly going nowhere. It’s important to soldier on.

1 year +: That ‘soldiering on’ lark is proving fruitless. Just about all jobs are unimportant and thankless. Any ‘improvements’ have proved to be a waste of time. There aren’t any prospects only empty promises.
And now it’s time to train in some poor naively eager newbie. Sigh at new guy, show him the short cuts and work arounds.

Friday Appropriate

April 24, 2009

At least 50% of my mornings I find myself roaming about the gaff with some random song inexplicably stuck in my brain.
NextSeatOver reckons the fairies whisper the song into your ear while you sleep.

They got it right for a Friday…

…but somehow I can’t quite picture fairies rocking out on my pillow with this:


April 23, 2009

Here’s linkage which dings a few dongs around these parts.

Courtesy Hello e-cards

Lazy on Lazy (Sound #3)

April 23, 2009

In many ways I am a lazy, lazy man (as quite a few of my posts here will testify – including this one.)

But even in my laziness I am quite the anal, frenzied contradiction. (It’s the details that get me [even this post has been frenetically re-re-re-edited]).

Last night, having had a good ole practice of my acoustic ‘piss and moan’ folk songages, refusing myself the easy, boozy out of a visit to the local bar and denying the safe stupor of the television, I decided on a mellow vinyl mix.

Having dropped the needle on the first track, I found myself frantically sliding across the floor on my wheelie chair for a furiously desperate rummage and rifle through boxes of records to find ‘just the right’ follow-upper.

Mix done, usually I scrawl the tracklist on whatever suitably sized scrap of paper I can find – in permanent marker.
This time I wanted black, and sans-black magic marker (fuckin’ felt pen! – a black magic marker!), I used biro and spent decent time and effort in thickening the lines of the letters.

Finally I was quite careful to attempt a reference of Brian Eno’s Before and after Science in the photo capture of the list (for reasons I won’t go into here lest you think me (more) stark raving bonkers).

The result being a cop-out post, but, a new groovy mix for your Thursday listening pleasure.


Rabbit in the Front Bicycle Light

April 22, 2009

[Inspired by Tewnty‘s recent cycling post].

I’ve done it myself, but it’s quite amazing how pedestrians caught unaware by a bicycle zooming right at them stop dead and stare rabbit-like into the eyes of the cyclist.

When it’s a car they run for it or jump back.
I suppose it’s the fear that they will step into the path of the on coming bike again and then back again, while they are fully aware of the space the car will take up on the road regardless.

Frustrating though.

Technical Job Interview

April 21, 2009

Gordy asked whether any of us knew anything about Apple OSX networking. Some shrugged, some scoffed, no one could help.
He reckons he needs to know a bit for an up-coming job interview.
I shared my sagely advice from the interviews with technical aspects which I’ve done in the past.

Generally, the people interviewing have bugger all clue about what they’re asking – the tech people are deemed too lowly to actually sit at the hallowed interview panel desk.

The air of false confidence and smell of bovine faeces is overpowering.

So.. bone up all about it and then be asked a bunch of questions you never foresaw.
Blindly stumble your way through answers and pray the bullshit saves you.
Six months later find out they hired you based on the exact bullshit you spewed, claiming they figured you knew a heck load more about it than they did.
Consider this and realise that, even regardless of the hours of (now) irrelevant study you did pre-interview, you did indeed know a fuck load more than they did even then.


April 20, 2009

I considered honouring Meadow‘s request by posting the following to desked, but thought better of it.

shelfedl-r: thin wok recipie book(?!); rollie filters (left behind by a guest); candles; nag champa incense; boxes of matches; multi-purpose squirty oil; cheap incense (tried once); butane refill which only ever serves to freeze the hand off oneself – never to refill lighters sufficiently; butane refill nozzle (brrr!); tacky cheap clock.
not pictured: cigarette papers; a few boxes of the other types of incense that come with nag; book of matches; box of fun snaps.

Seems to me to be one of those things you could get quite analytical and in-depth over or just shrug off. But now you have it.

Pass it on!

April 20, 2009

I’m a bit miffed. Obliged and miffed.

Red Leeroy has hit me with a ‘pass it on‘. All in the name of gettin-to-know-you ‘fun’ but fucked if I can be bothered for this kind of thing. (No offence Red, or Radge).

There is the obligation to pass it on (this is where I have the biggest problem), but at least I don’t go straight to hell, having spent the last years of my sorry life covered in sores and the guilt of dead orphans just because I won’t.
When I get a hint of chain-letter about something I immediately close the mail. Horrible feeling to be under some superstitious obligation to put others under the same.

Rant over, I’ll do what it asks of me but sorry, the chain stops here. Send the lightning, hail, locusts and frogs and save it for facebook.



1. Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog.

2. Write the rules.

3. Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you.

4. Tag six persons adding their links directly.

5. Alert the persons that you tagged them.

Six things:

1. I keep my spare cigarette papers on the same shelf as Nag Champra.

2. Thusly they smell of incense.

3. As a result my friend Sí wouldn’t smoke one and I oddly feel insulted by things like that.

4. Hands had a go, and although he seemed to have little problem with it, spied my licorice papers, which, depending on mood, what I’m drinking, what I have just eaten and other factors, I often use and enjoy, and he requested a roll up with one of those instead. I am often oddly proud when my use of licorice papers is complimented. [Initially that was no things about me – after an edit it’s two…]

5. I didn’t think the ‘nag rollie’ was all that bad.

6. I’m a bit into having various flavoured papers.

(7. I have no objection if people want to take this meme up from here of their own accord.)