Ah, bless their wailing vocal chords.

When I was a kid I used to do all the things that kids do. Play, run, shout, holler, cycle too fast, chase, bellow, scream, holler some more, kick balls into gardens and retrieve them, climb trees, throw things out of trees, climb walls, throw things off of walls, yell, holler even more.

What I also did was have odd little thoughts about things (nothing’s changed in that respect says you).

One of them would recur every time an adult – especially a stranger, would complain about any of the activities listed above.

I’d wonder could they not recall being a child and how it feels to do all those things, how fun it is and how can they have lost touch with that feeling enough to lack empathy and want to ruin that sense of fun?

Of course, what I failed to realise was that it was I who was lacking empathy, because I couldn’t possibly see their perspective.
While those adults had been through childhood, and although may have lost touch with it to a degree, they could probably remember it being fun, but they could also see the futility in running and shouting and being a general disturbance – something I was yet to understand. And their work or rest was probably, usually far more important to them now than any futile play was to them as children …

…even if their perspective is somewhat skewed with age…

…that last point is something I try dearly to cling to as I grow older (and less tolerant). I try not to let my perspective get skewed and myself selfish and arrogant.

It doesn’t work.

By Joe Hu

I live on the ground floor of an apartment block built for young professional singles and couples back when the Celtic Tiger was a cub. When I moved in there were a few families about. As the couple of years have passed, children of all nationalities and cultures have materialised and now engage in playtime in the courtyard. In one way it’s very sweet and touching to see them all interact – their english far superior to their parents, babbling away through this game or another in these funny developing Irish accents. A melting pot of innocent little scamps starting to revel in the time of their lives.

In another way… especially if I’m trying to get a needed hour’s nap in and they are hollering and screaming right by my bedroom window, those little fecker brat shites could do with being melted in a pot.

But I don’t truly mean that – let them have their fun, just a bit further away. I need a child repellent.
That’s why I’m going to get a cheap little mp3 player, cheap speakers and install them by the window with this running on a loop:

autestClick -> Feck off kids!


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9 Responses to “Ah, bless their wailing vocal chords.”

  1. brothersaturn Says:

    well yeh its horrible, everyone is a genius until they go to school, yuk

  2. Meadow Says:

    Nasty sound! My ears are still ringing, horrible.

    I think I should go home.

    Oh – thanks!

  3. pryin Says:

    Woops – sorry to anyone young and lucky enough to be able to hear it.
    I can’t. Hope it works!

  4. Meadow Says:

    I’m 36.

    Obviously my ears have never grown up!

  5. pryin Says:


  6. Red Leeroy Says:

    i cant hear anything………what?

  7. pryin Says:


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